Slotomania Slot Machines Slotocard duplicates of every card but Josephine

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ANY SLOTOCARD FOR JOSEPHINE CARD. I have minimum of 3 duplicates of every card but josephine, willing to give away all in exchange for josephine, thanks. I even have duplicates of the rare cards too but not sure if Im able to give them away or if slotomania will allow me too.

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I need lucy&max
Need golden gust and checkmate i have plenty of cards to sent back
Need Golden Gust

I need Dawn Run, I have plenty of cards for trade.

I need a Josephine if any one still has one

I need celestia in royal dreams from the 1st album & also Julio from green monster would be much appreciated I do have cards in all albums please ask away I will see if can help

In need of silly Lucy and Bradley card to finish the set
I have an extra Josephine card. In need of Tavern tappin from Made for Walkin and Private Lucy from We Love Lucy both from second album

Please I need to complete the album treasure of Olympus I miss vase of wishes, artemis, giannis, medusa can be helped please?

Hi All , pls add me and send me 2nd album CREEPY : Stinger. Got lots of duplicates cards to send


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