Slotomania Slot Machines Slotomania Card Give Away all cards Except 2

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I have a massive stockpile of nearly ever card avialable to help some folks out, except for Couger Clack the one Card I do not yet have I am happy to help just msg me the cards and anyone who happens to have a spare Couger Clack I would be greatfull and  probly hand out a weeks worth of cards or we

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hi, i need elijah, sebastian, little red, vase of wishes, artemis, golden touch, moon huntress, perseus, dionysus. sorry everyone i need alot lol.

I need stinger 

I. Need gypsy Gina , rain kissforest, 

I need, gypsy Gina , Little red, grandma, big bad wolf, rain kissfrost, tinkerbell ,mr right,Bruce,moon huntress,perseus,Zeus.Please help me
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Pla help me ineed pls

Iwant cart

i need little red and perseus if you can help please ad me on facebook

Whos got elijah card much appreciated