Slotomania Slot Machines Slotomania Card Give Away all cards Except 2

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I have a massive stockpile of nearly ever card avialable to help some folks out, except for Couger Clack the one Card I do not yet have I am happy to help just msg me the cards and anyone who happens to have a spare Couger Clack I would be greatfull and  probly hand out a weeks worth of cards or we

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Please friend me I need some card for slotmainia I can use the most of them

Hi, I need dawn run and the revenge if that's possible please, much appreciated thank you.

Hi I need spurs,saddle and geronimo please need many more but don't want to be greedy lol


I just started with slotomania so any help would be appreciated friends yet either so send me a friend request if you can

Attic tiger and horseshoe

Can I have some please

just started any help appreciated

I need edward ang josephine
Help meee josephineeee pleaseeeeeee