Slotomania Slot Machines Slotomania Card Give Away all cards Except 2

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I have a massive stockpile of nearly ever card avialable to help some folks out, except for Couger Clack the one Card I do not yet have I am happy to help just msg me the cards and anyone who happens to have a spare Couger Clack I would be greatfull and  probly hand out a weeks worth of cards or we

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send me card cilve sang wang

may I have any cards you are willing to give, because i dont have much

hello can i please have bingo card and rapid fire thankyou


Perseus and Dionysus please if you have them :)

I need gypsy Gina please help

dawn run does any one have?

Rapid FIREB and Sly Stanley .. Ty
I need tinkerbell,Bruce, gold barTrade any card with u aso can^_^
I have my old banjo can we swap for elijah in mr nice guy book

Trade sheriff badge for my old banjo