Slotomania Slot Machines Slotomania Card Give Away all cards Except 2

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I have a massive stockpile of nearly ever card avialable to help some folks out, except for Couger Clack the one Card I do not yet have I am happy to help just msg me the cards and anyone who happens to have a spare Couger Clack I would be greatfull and  probly hand out a weeks worth of cards or we

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Does anyone have a x-564 sloto card from album 2 galaxy galore. If you do I would greatly appreciate it it's the only one I'm lacking in that category greatly appreciate it thank you
Does anyone have a spare duke card
In desperate need of Merlin from mystical fortune or dusty from my nice guy. I have exhausted all options so I can only give a heart felt thank you.
I need Josephine and moon Goddess. I have everything else, plenty of duplicates
Hi Frend:)Would you like to send me Dusty and Elijah cards from Mr.Nice Guy's album? I'm missing only those from this album please help

Volcano  anyone

I need Edward Card. Pls help

The last card i need is LIMO. Pls help

It be awesome if you can help me out.  I need help in 2nd album. 

We love lucy

  1. casual lucy
  2. witchy lucy
  3. stileto lucy

​epic battles

  1. space gun 
  2. mace


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