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Hi im just curious if anyone would have a spare cougar clark card ? Would be happy to trade if so ? Would be muchly appreciated.Thankyou in advance. We can now trade sloto  ards for a limited time only so happy trading yall . 

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Does anyone have dan toucan and or tavern tappin'? Have lots to trade 

Does anyone have little red sloto card? I will add you to my everyday list for coins and mystery gift   Thx

Is it still possible to get these cards, I'm literally 1 card away from completing the whole book and it's heartbreaking if I won't be able too, the one I'm missing is gold(mr right) please lemme know

Can anyone help me with Stiletto Lucy?

I have an extra Dionysus for mudusa or mr right

I need medusa or mr right have lots to trade

Pls help me little red

Dionysus is only one I need to complete my album. I'll trade u all my cards for it. Never have traded, not exactly sure how it works. After I complete the whole thing can I give u all my cards to give u the whole album? I have extra Zeus and others but no duplicate gypsy Gina. I would def also hook u up with a gift card to spend however u want. $40?

Change with you i have those
Did anyone have a little red please add me will trade with something else.