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Hi im just curious if anyone would have a spare cougar clark card ? Would be happy to trade if so ? Would be muchly appreciated.Thankyou in advance. We can now trade sloto  ards for a limited time only so happy trading yall . 

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card plis

I have a bunch of spares does any one have a golden wild

Need a boom burger ,albert pupy love,candy platinum blondes  please 

Need a golden wild any one that can help

Does anyone have a spare Golden Wild!?!?!?!? 

Please add me 

Looking for golden wild card to complete last set if anyone has a spare golden wild card can you trade it to me? It wil be much appriciated. Please add me on facebook if you do. 

Does anyone have a spare Golden Wild? PLEASE. I have 348 cards to trade.


Can anyone help me to swap cards,I need gold cards,please


Please can somebody help me I need sloto cartd-Edward,Celestia,Candy king,josephine,Cleopatra,King Neptune,Brave tiger,Cheetah,Puma Pete,Dark Panther,Bold Lioness,Cougar Clark,Lucky Seven,4-of-a-kind,Lucky star,Mumford,Julio,Vera,Zork,Moonlight,Spell Book,Wild Eyes,Blue Lagoon,fedora,Turban,Klaus,Lucky Dog,Trixie,Jessica,Coaster,Angelfish

Any one got cash clover. Have a lot to trade!!