Slotomania Slot Machines 6 slotocards needed to complete full album. Please help

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Fairy dust- Tinklebell

Mr nice guy - Mr Right

Once upon a time - Big Bad Wolf

Treasure of olympus - Medusa, Perseus, Zeus.

Please help will be muchly appreciated and when i get extra cards will send you the extras i have cheers.

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Discuss 6 slotocards needed to complete full album. Please help


you cant send mee 1 billion please i love slotomania
i need 6 cards right now please

i am in need of moon huntress

hello wayne what cards do you still ned


Tinks and persyus would be perfect for me and when i get 5 star golds for you i send um to ya. I think i added you? What cards u need?
I meant persyus, not pet
I got tink's & pets 4 you but u gonna have 2 wait til 4:00 p.m. later today b-4 I can send'um 2 ya, already hook'd up 5 peeps today (or..well, yesterday, just friend me or I you and I take care of it, don't need anything but golds do not much anyone can do 4 me there ( 4 now anyways), PLAYTIKA COULD LOOSEN UP THERE FUCKING CAULFER ' S THOUGH AND GIVE A MAN (OR LADY) WHAT AT LEAST SUM'MA WHAT THEY NEED, ESP. AFTER....AND THIS NO B.S...FLIPP'IN BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS SPUN AND REAL $$$$ SPENT, I'M TELL'IN YOU...THEY PLAY'IN W/MY EMOTIONS NOW...SOMEONE GONNA END UP GETT'IN "ROLL'ED--UP--ON", U KNOW WHAT I'M SAY'IN, I'M JUST STUPID LIKE THAT, FUCK THESE EXEC.'S FOR CEASARS & PLAYTIKA....IT'S A SMALL MOTHER FUCKING WORLD...U FEEL ME!!!!
I need help getting the rare cards four and five star cards

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