Slotomania Slot Machines Can anyone send me some low star cards , trying to finish some sets

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quit this game for a year , used to get sloto cards every few minutes when betting $40M or so , now I can spin for days without getting any frustrating .  enough venting , if anyone can send me a few or these easier cards to complete some sets would be much appreciated


Happily Ever After Book  - 2 1 star cards needed

       Ring of Romance  

      The Fancy Felines

Blockbuster Blast - 1 1 star needed

    3D Shades

Make Some Noise - 1 4 star needed

    Cherry Blast

The Great Beyond - 1 1 star and 1 4 star

    Skylime Heights

   Lullaby Lake

Slot Sports 1 1 star and 1 4 star needed

    Marathon Marcus

    Golden Victory



Any help is much appreciated!!! Thanks

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Discuss Can anyone send me some low star cards , trying to finish some sets


I need The Slicer in Grim and Gruesome and The Sea Garden in Museum Madness.

Need Cheerful Charlie 5*, The Partystarter 5*, Zom-Bunny 5*, The Immortal 5*, Heroic Hammer 5*, The Sea Garden 5*. I can trade what u want.

I have Fancy Felines.  3D Shades. 

I could probably help you with some. just add me on facebook

Add me :)

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