Slotomania Slot Machines Need Rain Kissfrost Please!

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Help, I need Rain Kissfrost! I am willing to trade anything you need, I have duplicates of pretty much everything haha This is the last card I need to collect and I have them all! Thank you very much!

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How are you able to trade the gold cards that say they aren't tradeable?

I need MR RIGHT BRADLEY AND GYPSY GINA PLEASE HELP,,,, have multiples of EVERYTJING except little red I only have 1

Hi! I hav that card so just add me on fb & send me a notice so i can get it 2 u. The only card i need is little red 2 complete the album if u can help. Thx!

Do you still need kissfrost? I'm looking to trade for Mr.  Right. Any chance you have that?

I have Rain Kissfrost! Friend request me on fb
I need little everything else and most in dups

I have Rain Kissfrost and need Artemis will to trade

I pretty much have anything you need if you can send me little red 

also do not have Mr right

I have 2 peter pan's, 1 hot cauldron, 1 rainkisedfrost need zeus,dionysus,and big bad wolf


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