Slotomania Slot Machines Need some card from all album :(

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Hi, i need Crystal ball bella from Winter album

Need Mike moneymaker from Sprining album

From Summer album need :

Director Seat - BlockBuster Blast

The Tambourine, The Party Truck - Some Noise

Skyline Heights - Great Beyond

Bone Society - voodoo

Gorgeus gaia, camila charmings - Drop Dead

Big boy -NightClavleras

Captain - Golden summer

Pickaxe of power, scale of centures, lucky lantern - fortune finder

All card in down with museum

Pls help me friend: )



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Discuss Need some card from all album :(


Big boy
I have a ton of cards in the Summer album. Cannot add to Facebook from this site, the links are not connected for some reason. Look up KamekaSmile on Facebook.

I have pick axe and camila

Add me....maybe we can trade. My summer album have extra same card..
здравейте,имам нужда от майк пари и ричард.моля ви за помощ.благодаря предварително.
Add me

do u have sweetie pie I have crystal ball bellaa

I have sweety pie +1

sloto cards please

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