Slotomania Slot Machines need x564 from 3rd album asap. will trade pronto!!!

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I have lots of duplicates and make it worth trading please help a gal out! thank u! just let me know what u need! I've found that ace and golden cards are unable to be traded ....frustrating . feel free to add as friend to exchange !!!!

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Discuss need x564 from 3rd album asap. will trade pronto!!!


Do you have keer Shan?? I have what u need

I have X-564.. Do you have Keere Shan or Fortune frog???

I need dark light bonus and fortune frog.Any help would be nice. I have several duplicates that you might need.
I neted keer shan

Please Dark Light Bonus


im looking for fortune frog and glass shoe? 

I have X 564 for you 

Do you have keere Shan to trade

Forune frog 487, keere shan 478
Hi, I'm still looking for Little Red and Golden Lyre for the second album, if you need any cards from the 3rd one, I'll see what I can send

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