Slotomania Slot Machines Please Help Me

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I really need Golden Gust and x-564 feom 3rd album .....  plllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeereeeeeeeeeesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasddddddddddddddddddererrrrreeèplllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeereeeeeeeeeesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasddddddddddddddddddererrrrreeè

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Discuss Please Help Me


What you have need 2 album
You have Hardhitter and Keere Shan

Heres a list of what i have and what i need let me know what you need and we can trade.
flower power need the ace
tea time need the ace
fun in the sun need the ace
galactic glory completed
victory need the ace
i love piggy need safari piggy
barnyard blitz completed
mushroom village completed
house of pharaoh completed
jolly rogers need the ace
rich forever need the last two
feline fun need the ace
bear necessities need big brown and papa polar
spooky stars need the ace

those are the ones im closest to finishing and i have extras in all of them including
some rare and aces please let me know what you need

give up, no coin, no help

after send out my 3 to 5 gold card for

golden gust

online lover

keere shan

beyong appreance

fortune frog


to help others,

no one help me in album 2


Hi, I don’t have golden gust but I have x-564. Do you have anything from 2nd album?

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