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I have loads and loads of spares from 1*-5* all I need is online lovers and keere Shan now and that's me done so as you can imagine I have a few cards left over I just can'  seem to find the last two I need. if you can help I might have what you need. Just let me know......................

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I have hardhitter, if you want to trade for dark light bonus

Need Dark light bonus and keere shan if anyone can help hopefully i have something you need to swap in return



still have dark light bonus would love it not sure if will have anything you need in return?


Also have a dark light bonus

I got online lovers looking for hardhitter 

Marcin got his dark light bonus an hour after he gave me the card I needed in good will haha if anyone has a keere Shan iv got lots to swap and will give you as many as you like just tell me what you need
Hello,i need slotocard keere shan please,or change for card tin mau.
I need dark light bonus have many cards to trade

TexUnderwood i send you message on FB

Anyone have beyond appearance to trade

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