Slotomania Slot Machines slotomania cards needed plus i have a bunch of duplicates

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i need horachio and spell book, julio ,luck potion ,cheetah chase, i have a bunch of duplicates so hit me up if you need help and i heard somehow people trade gold this possible? hit me up if you want will accept friend request 

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Discuss slotomania cards needed plus i have a bunch of duplicates


Hi, I just joined and need the following if you are able to help me:  Thank you in Advance.

Cooking Club- eggs &Ham

Sloto Band- Clive

Cheers-Boss’ Brandy

Wild Cards- Shiny Loot    

        Golden Wild

Green Monsters-Zalga

Golden Luck- 4-of-a King

        Cash Clover


        Rich Kitty

Wild Cats-Arctic Tiger

Royal Dreams-Candy King



        Moon Goddess

        King Midas

Hi everybody I need Big bad wolf

I have some of the cards you need .  I'm lacking Josepine as well I don't know how to share with out seeing all I have  , guide me and I'd like to help. I need cougar Clark me

i can help u with some,do  u have golden wild,top hat, wizard hat


I have plenty of duplicate cards can we trade Gold Cards explain please

I need Josephine Edward puma Pete please 

i have for trade: cleopatra, queen of hearts,

king arthur, cougar clark, cheetah chase, dark panther, 4-of-a-kind, lucky star, and many more...

i need: tequila, julio, cash clover, leopard lex, trixie tiger, edward, josephine,

and some gold cards are needed

i hope someone can help, thanks

Please ...someone send me edward and joshphine cards

I need Edward and joshphine cards

I have a few I need boom burger and few others 

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