Slotomania Slot Machines Trade 5 for Mac the Mic, Charles slotsteel or pharaohs portrait

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I would like to trade 5 cards for MAC THE MIC, Charles slotsteel, or pharaohs portraitPLEASE LOL.  I have lots of extras even hard to get cards.  I am very vurious why we need to write at least 200

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Discuss Trade 5 for Mac the Mic, Charles slotsteel or pharaohs portrait


Big bullhorn anybody
I need people to add me not enough folks to swap with i have tons of dups. I need bella eagle and bull. Lots of 4* cards and lower and maybe a five or two
I have a pharaohs I can't get to my cards but as done as I can I 'll let you have for a little help in future. New a All so have all but 7 cards only to go but willing to let this for a little help in a further time

do you have bullhorn or eagle

I have all 3 cards that you need I'm after Ann Armageddonsen the gilded reel big bullhorn the eagle the portrait can you help at all
I have Charles Slotsteel. Message me if you're interested still hopefully before I don't have him any longer or end up having to use him to spend the wheel best of luck to each and everyone of you peace and love
U got crystal ball Bella
I have slotsteel. Will check the others. Still in need?

Hi I Need this Cards... can anyone help, please?! 



Add me

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