Slotomania Slot Machines Winter album please help

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Winter album would someone please help me i have many cards to trade and am willing to trade a few cards just for dragon dog its all i need please someone be able to help me out.

Dragon dog please 

Someone trade me dragon dog 

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Discuss Winter album please help


Hello I need Bobby's Bone, Rock Hammer, 22"rockrims, Willy Warthog...

I need Pharaohs Portrait or Dragon Dog

I have to trade Willy Warthog and stars

Pls Respond

I have not that card but you do you have Willy warthog in the spinstones


  • Charles Slotsteel
  • Pharaoh's Portrait
  • The Guilded Reel
  • Big Bullhorn
  • Crystal-Ball Bella
  • Dragon Dog
  • The Eagle
  • Uncle Neptune
  • Don Amorito

If you have any of the above I can trade you almost any card not in that list!!!

I need Sammy Starfish, Big Bulhorn, Crystal-Ball Bella, Dragon Dog, and The Eagle. I have several I can trade. Over 400 stars worth of cards that dont help me at all.

how do  trades work, i need lunchy, the protector,and haunted hall

I can help you do you have fortune frog from last album?

i can trade you for an eagles card!

Loking Big Bulhorn. I have to trade many cards.. Have somebudy? add me... please..

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